About Us

We live in a day when we are supposed to tell you how great a church we are. Businesses today market their supposed greatness, and increasingly churches attempt to do the same. Well, truthfully, we are not worthy of much hype.

We are an ordinary church.

We are glad to embrace our ordinariness, and even emphasize it if necessary, so that all might know that we have nothing special or spectacular, except what we proclaim: An extraordinary God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The God revealed in the Bible is remarkable and exceptional.  No one compares (Isaiah 44:7).  He is extraordinary because of who He is intrinsically (not because we proclaim Him).  It is our joy and privilege to devote ourselves to understanding and proclaiming His Word, the Bible, so that we might know Him, worship Him, and serve Him forever.

Devoting ourselves to Bible preaching, prayer, fellowship and the Lord’s commands is evidence of another way in which we desire to be ordinary, because the word “ordinary” also means:  “Belonging to or occurring in regular custom or practice; normal, customary, usual.”[1]

We are not looking for new ways to “do church:” We believe our Lord Jesus Christ gave basic and clear commands for His church that are to be observed by all generations, in all cultures, in every age.  In this sense, we want to be ordinary!

If you are looking for a church where you can learn about God and His Son, Jesus Christ we pray that Reformation Bible Church may be found by you to be helpful.  That is what ordinary biblical churches were designed by God to do: Proclaim Jesus Christ and His surpassing excellence (1 Peter 2:9). Truly, there is no one like our God (1 Samuel 2:2)!